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>> o once been a generation meeting. kim jong il's son gets two of the top jobs. >> i am scared. >> an emotional appeal for peace from the afghan president. homage karzai beeps one of russia's most powerful politicians is sacked. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- footsteps, will be leader of britain's new opposition say it will -- it was wrong to go to war in iraq?
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and the chilean miners get a new classroom at campeau. -- camp hope. hello to you. a little more light woodshed on the secretive and isolated -- was shed on the secretive and isolated regime. the youngest son of the north korean leader kim jong-il has been appointed to the love of the highest jobs in the workers party, another sign he is being groomed to take over for his father. i correspondent filed this report from neighboring south korea. >> hundreds of delegates in largely identical suits headed to the party convention. hundreds of others passed along the vast, empty boulevard.
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propaganda, as i have your tomorrow, which would not be difficult. -- promised a happier tomorrow, which would not be difficult. they tried to stabilize at north korea's unpredictable politics. >> state television announced the rise of the third generation. his youngest son in his mid-20s, has been made at general. his main qualification for being air apparent -- he was educated in switzerland, and therefore must understand the blast. -- the west. her husband is thought to be the
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real power behind the throne. covering north korea is a family business. it started in 1945 with the founding of the state by "the great leader," kim il-sung. kim jong-il is called "the der leader." and now his son will take the soap opera into a third generation. he is known officially as brilliant. grimm, poverty stricken -- this is his inheritance. we still cannot film it openly, but this could be the start of change. and now the government tolerates night markets, where people can sell in the streets. police used to stop this kind of
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thing. now they let it happen. >> it signals there will be a very stable transition. and in north korea. it will take longer than one or three years. >> there is one other important player behind the scenes today, and that is china. china may be worried that north korea will inflow of with incalculable consequences for the in -- will in flowed with incalculable consequences for the entire region so, it is that closed mysterious country across the river -- it could mean that changes on the way for the family business. >> john since then, our world affairs editor there.
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at least seven people are confirmed killed. the rain collapsed a hillside, burying people in their homes as they slept. rescue workers have been struggling to reach the scene. 30 died in a mudslide in colombia. emergency services say the scale of the slide has made it rescue difficult across the country. 74 died in recent heavy rains. an egyptian court has reduced the sentence on a billionaire accused of killing a lebanese person in 2008. he was sentenced to death. he has now been sentenced to 15 years. he was found guilty of paying a retired egyptian police officer to carry out the killings. >> the president of afghanistan, comet karzai, has made an emotional plea for peace
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in his country. today, the deputy governor was killed in a suicide attack. james robinson reports. >> according to police, the suicide bomber was operating a motorized rickshaw when he killed the governor. e. other people were seriously injured. -- each other people were seriously injured. attacks have been increasing in the area. this year has been afghanistan's bloodiest since the american-led invasion of 2001. the bomb drove president karzai to tears. he said that he was afraid the people would abandon de country to escape -- would abandon the
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country to escape. for the sake of god, he said, stop the fighting. i do not want my son to be a foreigner. this very public breakdown comes after claims the president suffers clinical depression. these reports are being called highly inflammatory by his office. the numbers and trying to defeat the insurgency will scale down next year as the united states and other nations increasingly and over security to afghanistan's ellum forces. bbc news. >> for 18 years, yuri luzhov ran at the russian capital, and he and his wife for some of the most powerful people in the country. but today, and he was sacked, apparently for losing the trust of the president.
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>> he loved the limelight. and the power. yuri luzhov was moscow mayor for 18 years. a decade ago, he was so influential, and he was even tipped to become president. but today, he is out of a job. he arrived at city hall to discover dmitry medvedev had sacked him. >> i have lost confidence in the mayor of moscow. according to law, must of confidence means dismissal. this is the first time i have removed some one for this reason. >> relations between the president and the mayor have been strained for weeks, after a war of words. the kremlin went on the offensive. state-controlled russian tv channels accused yuri luzhov of
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mismanaging the summer smog crisis. they blamed him for gridlock on the roads. there were allegations of corruption, too. yesterday, yuri luzhov said he had no plans to step down. today, the kremlin has issued a statement. >> it was such an unusual revolution. in the past, anybody with him the central authorities were displeased, they would automatically resign. and he said he would not leave on his own accord, which was in itself a challenge. >> as moscow mayor, yuri luzhov loved grand projects. he rebuilt from scratch this
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destroyed from soviet times. he opened a multi main road. his greatest achievement were so many buildings for the same job. he had a choice -- he could either jumped or be pushed. the russian president sacked him when he would not be quite weak. by doing that, dmitry medvedev has established his authority and ended the career of one of the most powerful politicians in russia. bbc news, moscow. >> only a third of the people worldwide need life-saving hiv drugs actually get them. this is according to a new report by the world health organization and two other u.n. organizations. it warns four countries must -- poorer countries must watch what they spend on h.i.v.-related
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products. amnesty international says thousands of roma people have moved into kosovo. they say kosovo is unprepared for the influx. a stomach upset on a flight to the city -- he is well. the overnight stay with purely a precaution. he is 85. the man at the head of the main british opposition party, ed milliband, has said that it was wrong for tony blair to take the country into war with iraq. he distanced himself from many of the problems of tony blair and gordon brown. >> will he leave the labour back to power?
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he clearly believes he needs to make a clean break with his party's past. today, he did some of after he took on and beat his own big brother. david milliband lost and in part because his brother betrayed him as being a "blairite." be milliband 21 said that labour should not blame themselves for the -- who once said that labour should not blame themselves for the defeat. he blamed tony blair for invading iraq. >> we were wrong to take britain to war. we need to be honest about it. >> watching, stony faced, the
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leaders of the war, including brother david. he appears to answer angrily, "you voted for it. why are you clapping?" >> if we did not build up sufficient alliances, which undermined the united nations. >> a policy that has earned in the nickname "be rejects -- the reject." >> , on. let's have of grown-up debate in this country about the we are, what we believe. >> the next challenge -- the country. bbc news, manchester. >> stay with us, if he can, and "bbc world news." still to come -- a new heart
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treatment. first though, it is a piece of technology that is indispensable to many in the big commercial opportunity. the latest blackberry device is called the play book. >> introducing the world's first professional tablet. the blackberry playbook. >> they may be billing it as the first of its kind, but it is curiously familiar. this is research in motion's challenge to the ike had -- ipad. toshiba, too, has unveiled an ipad look alike. >> the playbook is aimed at
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business users, but it is also -- >> we have a very low price point. we have dual cameras on the device. we have wide five. we have bluetooth. -- we have wi-fi. there is no additional expense. that is what makes it cool to people. >> it is certainly smaller. unlike the ipad, it plays flash. but will it managed to generate the excitement? that is another matter. bbc news. >> just briefly, an indian court will rule on thursday whether hindus or muslims are banned around a british mosque in northern india. 2000 people died in an attack
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around the mosque in 1992. this is just days before the commonwealth games began in delhi. the latest headlines for you this hour on "bbc world news." the son of kim jong-il has been appointed to two top jobs. the president of afghanistan made an emotional appeal for peace and in his country. the israeli navy has intercepted in aid it ship carrying jewish activists trying to break the blockade into the gaza strip. the ship has now been escorted to an israeli port. our baghdad correspondent has this for us. >> the latest shift to break been naval blockade of gaza by israel. it is carrying medical aid, and equipment, and school textbooks. what is unusual is the activists
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on board are jewish. they include an israeli father whose daughter was killed in 1997 by hamas, but still feels the blockade of gaza is inhumane. >> i think 1.5 million people who are living here are victims like i am a victim. we must stop, once and for all, this cycle. the only way to do with is to open up. >> they made clear they would not resist arrest. the israeli navy says they intercepted the ship without violence. a very different scene from back in may when israeli commandos killed nine turkish activists trying to break the blockade. since then, under international pressure, israel has lifted restrictions are originally of
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-- originally imposed to stop weapons trafficking. food and some consumer goods are now allowed into gaza. the sea blockade remains in place, and it is very difficult for palestinians to get ready for missions to leave gaza. israel says it will allow its aid cargo to be transported to gaza by land. but until israelis search, it as unlikely any more ships will try to break the blockade. bbc news. >> the july and miners trapped underground have -- the chilean miners trapped underground have begun new activities at the drilling site. there is much more activity above ground. >> the mood of quiet confidence
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in the san jose mine today, we just had figures out showing the progress made by the three drills going behind me. there is one in particular. it is called plan b, and it is just behind that tall structure their witches plan c, and the hill which is called plan a. this is our record year, given the wit of the whole they are drilling. -- this is a record year, given the wind -- width of the hole they are drilling. they are working together. today, the children of some of these families here have been able to go to school for their first school that. school was opened by the
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minister for education. ever since camp hope sprung up here at the san jose mine, life has been suspended for the families camped out here, waiting for their loved ones to come home. that has affected the handful of children who have lived here alongside their parents as well. the chilean minister for education has opened at a school. it will have eight students ranging from the age of three to 14. the appeal from the miners underground has led to the school being opened? >> yes. their son and their grandson and a granddaughter. jorge, one of the miners, and he is very worried about the sun. his son is studying at the
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university. he is worried because of the family. >> be teacher margarita guzman has closed the door on all the press waiting outside. she says she wants to get on with the lesson. there are problems with the hammers -- this is a huge frustration for the miners below. >> tim, well you are still there, you were talking about the men waiting, of course. is that news relayed to the men? or is there the worry of raising their spirits and dashing them again? >> the men are in daily contact with the best teams above. so, i think they would have been told, because they know how far that drilling is going along.
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but the men are generally kept abreast of developments here. it is interesting, mike. there was fanfare here on the surface. he said, no, they have not been told yet, but they've were not going to be told until nearer the time they could be pulled up to the surface. >> for years, patients suffering from angina have been treated with stents. i knew by of degradable stent -- a new biodegradable stent dissolves over time. >> this is not made from metal. this bus driver from lester is having one implanted --
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leiscester is having one implanted. guided by x-rays, doctors insert it in the heart. up to 1000 patients in britain have permanent implants inserted. they are introduced on a wire and inflated with a balloon. but this stent is made with of cornstarch polymer. over time, crucially, it dissolves, leaving the artery. the scaffold is now in place and in the artery. in about a year, it will dissolve, as it is gradually absorbed. it is all done under a local
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anesthetic. >> tell me, how are you feeling? >> [unintelligible] >> an international trial of the stent is underway. it will take several years before the full results are known. but cardiologists here are optimistic. >> i think this thing now, today, the future -- we will be able to stent the patient, and at the same time, after two to three years, it will dissolve. >> exciting, too, for the patient, who until now suffered severe angina. >> changing over -- it used to really hurt me in my heart. >> in future, he is planning to do a lot more exercise to look after his heart. bbc news.
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>> now, finally, man's best friend is generally thought to be a dog. that is not the case in one reach you fishermen. -- rukyu fishermen. this is a five-meter crocodile. the fisherman says they made friends 25 years ago. now the pair are pretty much inseparable. they play in the water, just like any other pet. you want to play fairly carefully. extraordinary pictures. just briefly, a reminder of the main news. the young guests son of kim jong-il has been appointed to the two top -- the top jobs, another sign he is being groomed to be leader.
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thank you for being with us on "bbc world news." >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global
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financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> there is one stage that is the met and carnegie hall. >> o, that this too, too solid flesh -- >> it is the kennedy center. >> check, one, two. >> and a club in austin. >> it is closer than any seat in the house, no matter where you call home. >> the top of the world, and i'm there, i'm home. >> pbs -- the great american stage that fits in every living room. your support of pbs brings the arts home. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles. presented by kcet, los angeles.
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